Video Samples: Skills & Strategies

Issues and Events & Hidden Issues Model: Beneath the Surface (Lecture Doodle)

Issues and Events & Hidden Issues Model: Beneath the Surface (Lecture Doodle)

This Lecture Doodle explains PREP's Events, Issues & Hidden Issues model in order to help participants understand the layers of complexity, ultimately recognizing the source of conflict.

Key PREP Concepts: Events, Issues & Hidden Issues model

Learning Time Out

Learning Time Out

Relationship expert Dr. Howard J. Markman coaches James and Ladios through the Time Out skill to help them stop the negative momentum in their conversation and come back to one another with more patience.

Key PREP Concepts: Communication Danger Signs, Time Out, Coaching

Speaker Listener Technique

Speaker Listener Technique

The most dynamic skill in PREP's relationship education approach is the Speaker Listener Technique— a structured model of communication that preserves Emotional Safety around difficult conversations by making it hard to engage in the Danger Signs. This video teaches the technique and shows James & Ladios put the skill into practice for the first time.

Key PREP Concepts: Speaker Listener Technique, Paraphrasing

The 4 Step <br>Problem Solving Model

The 4 Step
Problem Solving Model

PREP introduces the 4-step Problem Solving method that provides the structure necessary to help couples solve a difficult problem. This video explains the model and depicts Jeff and Karen as they put the model into practice (note: the couple is animated, but the audio is real).

Key PREP Concepts: Problem Solving, Problem Talk, Speaker Listener Technique

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